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"Our vision is to be the hub of all things cannabis; to build a place where people can come to find and discover any cannabis products they might want to buy online".


bayUnity.org provides consumers and businesses with a friendly marketplace to buy, sell, and review cannabis products.


With thousands of cannabis products hitting the market each year, it can be overwhelming when searching for the best quality, price and health benefits. The launch of bayUnity.org was fueled by the knowledge that consumers lacked a place where they could research, review, and compare these cannabis products. We want to provide a platform where the consumers and companies could unify in an attempt to communicate the good, the bad, and the ugly truth about cannabis products on the market.
Finally, that place has arrived! At bayUnity.org, not only will you receive a complete overview of each product (including description, seller information, and even videos) but you'll also receive real reviews from other consumers who have tried that product. You can even contact the company selling the item to ask any questions you may have. The best part about bayUnity.org? It’s 100% free!

Whether you are a consumer that wants to do a little research on a product before spending the cash, or if you are a company that wishes to promote a product and gain contacts, bayUnity.org is a place where consumers can trust companies, and vice versa. Consumers let each other know the perks and/or flaws of certain items, which in turn helps the companies decide what products they should carry or what they should change about their items.

If you are a business who wants to promote your products to the cannabis community or a consumer who just wants to simplify your life and discover the best products for you, create your FREE account today and start connecting!
“Uniting the world with happiness and health one leaf at a time”.- Jason D.


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