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Latest items

Low Impact Pup

Free - Mahwah (North East) - May 21, 2012

Totally Green Dog Set Saving the Earth one carbon paw print at a time • Green Dog Bed—stylish, safe, ultra durable, machine washable, and earth-friendly. Fill the "duvet" with all your old clothes, extra socks so your family's scent will make this bed so inviting. Throw the entire thing in the was...

Clean and Green

Free - Mahwah (North America) - May 21, 2012

The all new Full Spectrum Living Kit makes the transition to green, Eco-friendly living easy and fun. Full of the essentials for the beginner “greenie,” the Full Spectrum Living Kit is the perfect gift to give and is even better to receive. All items are exclusive Give A Green Bag Products Delive...