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Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Deluxe Body Set- 14-piece set

$238.95 - Boston (Massachusetts) - July 13, 2012

The “AVA BODY” Deluxe Set is a 14 piece set for head to toe to lips body care – shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand & body lotion, moisturizing hand soap & refill, lip balm (set of 4), eye cream, eye makeup remover, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, exfoliator, sugar lip scrub and lemon sugar...

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Eliminate Wrinkles the Safe Way at Home with Deep Penetrating Light Therapy $159 to $349

$159.95 - Dundee (Oregon) - July 19, 2012

As we age, collagen and elastin components of our skin degenerate, setting the stage for the appearance of wrinkles, creases, folds and furrows. According to the National Institute on Aging, the breakdown of these components, accelerated by sun exposure and gravity, result in sagging. wrinkled skin....

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Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Body Collection - 10 piece set

$101.95 - Boston (Massachusetts) - July 13, 2012

The “AVA BODY” collection is a 10 piece collection for head to toe to lips body care – shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand & body lotion, moisturizing hand soap & refill, and lip balm (4 piece set of lip balms) - Used in combination, AVA BODY collection line will bring even problem skin t...

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Hilite Mineral Shadow Collection

$67.00 - Petersburg (Michigan) - June 12, 2012

A stunning collection of all the Hilite eye shadows in our line - Gold, Mauve, Pink, Purple and White. Ingredients: Gold Hilite - Mica; Mauve Hilite - Mica, Silk Mica, Zinc Oxide (Non-nano); Pink Hilite - Mica, Kaolin; Purple Hilite - Mica, Rice Powder; White Hilite - Mica, Kaolin, Zinc Oxide (Non...

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Turkish Rose & White Tea Eye Cream

$55.00 - Petersburg (Michigan) - June 12, 2012

Use for all skin types Turkish Rose & White Tea, eye cream, contains the essential nutrients needed for protection, softening and nourishing your delicate eye area. Use this eyecream as a vital component of your daily skincare routine. Directions: Squeeze a small (lentil sized) amount onto yo...

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Kathy's Family Healing Lotion 16.5 oz.

$41.98 - Petersburg (Michigan) - June 12, 2012

Kathy's Family Healing Lotion, is a multipurpose, hypoallergenic, lotion. Use it on severely dry skin as an overall hand and body lotion or on any dry skin problem area. This amazing product can also be used as an anti-aging or anti-wrinkle lotion; on skin conditions such as, eczema, psoriasis, and ...

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Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer set

$33.95 - Boston (Massachusetts) - July 13, 2012

Organic essential oils work together to cleanse and moisturize hands naturally and safely. Leaves hands silky soft without feeling sticky. The set includes: a 16oz. bottle with pump and 2 2oz. purse/pocket size bottles.

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Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Hand Soap pump and refill

$26.95 - Boston (Massachusetts) - July 13, 2012

Our Moisturizing Hand Soap is designed for those of us who wash our hands repeatedly throughout the day. The importance of this is well known, but unfortunately, the dryness that typically accompanies it is also. Our formula creates the perfect combination of eliminating bacteria while providing the...

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Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Bar Soap (set of 3)

$23.95 - Boston (Massachusetts) - July 13, 2012

Lathers beautifully; cleans naturally!

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Lemon Myrtle Shampoo (Normal to Oily Hair)

$23.10 - Petersburg (Michigan) - June 12, 2012

For hair under styling stress as well as for normal to oily hair types, organic lemon myrtle not only smells great but it also gently removes excess oils. Combined with pro-vitamin B5 to moisturise and nourish and organic herbal extracts to strengthen hair, Lemon Myrtle Shampoo is sure to be a favou...

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