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Oxy Whitener

$7.85 - Auburn Hills (Michigan) - June 19, 2012

A safe, highly effective alternative to chlorine-based bleaches, made from mineral salts and plant based ingredients derived from citrus and coconut. Use our enzyme free formulation to whiten whites and brighten colors. Once dissolved in water, it releases pure oxygen which gently lifts stains wit...

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All Purpose Cleaner

$3.95 - Auburn Hills (Michigan) - June 19, 2012

A naturally active cleaner with a zest of citrus you can use virtually anywhere in your home. A natural spray and wipe for kitchen counters, stove tops and most household surfaces to clean and shine. A “like magic” cleaner on black appliances. Truly Green, Truly Affordable

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All Natural Glass Cleaner

$3.00 - Auburn Hills (Michigan) - June 19, 2012

Our glass cleaner produces a glossy, streak free finish to your windows, mirrors and table tops and contains no added fragrance or unnecessary ingredients. No nasty chemicals™, NO Glycols, NO Ammonia, NO Alcohol, NO Dye. 17 fl. oz. We are truly green, truly affordable!

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All Natural Toilet Cleaner

$3.00 - Auburn Hills (Michigan) - June 19, 2012

ecoSTORE USA toilet cleaner has a fresh fragrance that will deep clean and protect your toilet. NO bleach, NO HCL, NO phosphates. Won’t flush nasty chemicals into our waterways each time you clean the toilet. Our Gel Cling formula is specifically designed to clean porcelain and ceramic toilets; no...

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$15.99 - Santa Barbara (California) - June 14, 2012

Introducing our new 0.6L (18oz) bottle in the same fun colors as our Kiki line! This bottle features an unpainted base that is laser etched with our "One Life... One Bottle™" slogan and a new stainless steel flat cap. With the streamlined flat cap, this bottle is great for stuffing in the diaper bag...

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Fluoride, Chloramine PLUS Kitchen Water Filter

$409.00 - (online: we ship all over ) - June 7, 2012

Fluoride & Chloramine are harder to remove from water than most chemicals and contaminants. A 3-canister kitchen filter - for countertop or undercounter - has enough filter material for both & more. FREE SHIPPING. One canister filters fluoride, one chloramines, the third is wide-spectrum fil...

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8 oz. Soy Candles

$12.99 - (Pennsylvania) - June 6, 2012

8 oz. Soy Candles in Elite Jars 3 1/2" high x 2 5/8" diameter Approximate Burn time: 72-76 hours These super scented candles boast an above average burn time and are made with 100% soy wax that is All Natural and Kosher. Our candles are hand crafted with all natural cotton wicks to ensure an even ...

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Green Trash Bags 500 Pack

$80 $129.00 - San Diego (California) - May 25, 2012

Green Trash Bags TRASH CAN LINERS Our 13-gallon biodegradable trash bags are ideal for home use. The green colored bag is a visible sign of your awareness of and concern for the environment. After all, helping to clean up our growing pollution problem begins at home - one bag at a time. Product Deta...

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Bad Air Sponge

$11 $14.99 - San Diego (California) - May 25, 2012

Safe for the environment and the people who use it!® A semi-solid gel containing activated charcoal, humectant and reagents which adsorb,neutralize and alter undesirable odors and fumes. It is designed for continuous use, is non toxic, non flammable, environmentally safe and easy to apply. Bas c...

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Clean and Green

Free - Mahwah (North America) - May 21, 2012

The all new Full Spectrum Living Kit makes the transition to green, Eco-friendly living easy and fun. Full of the essentials for the beginner “greenie,” the Full Spectrum Living Kit is the perfect gift to give and is even better to receive. All items are exclusive Give A Green Bag Products Delive...

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